Angus cattle have always been a part of my life. My passion for this great breed of cattle is strong and I feel fortunate to actively be involved in promoting and breeding Angus genetics that ultimately will positively impact the beef cattle industry. I am a third generation Angus breeder - proud to have two sons representing the fourth generation of my family in the Angus business and they drive my enthusiasm in promoting Angus cattle each and every day!

As a Sale Manager, one of the most rewarding experiences I find in marketing Angus genetics for clients and friends are the relationships developed throughout the years and from around the world. My most sincere and trusted friends are fellow Angus breeders, and now my sons are developing relationships with other young people throughout the country - the next generation is already developing a network to build upon well into the future.

For those fellow cattlemen who have had the opportunity to work with me in the past you realize the importance I place in developing a solid well grounded relationship with you. My desire is to learn your operation and the fundamentals that drive your own program so that I can better serve you in marketing and promoting your high quality genetics. My background is well rounded from understanding the day to day activities of an operation, preparing advertising media, working with past and potential customers and conducting successful sales. For many years I have had the opportunity to work with the breed's top purebred programs in promoting their genetics and have also been fortunate to work with the world's best commercial cattlemen, learning and understanding their bull requirements.

If you are considering different marketing alternatives for your program or simply want to make a change from your current path, give me a call. It would be an honor and a pleasure to work with you and for you, providing personal service that will drive your economic future.

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